An epicurean delight sure to satisfy the vegan cheese connoisseur, Savour is a range of firm, organic cultured non-dairy nut cheeses rich in protein and probiotics. Each nut cheese is individually crafted and aged in a cheese cave by an artisan cheesemaker. Savour cheeses deliver on flavour, making them the perfect addition to any cheese board, accompanied by your favourite wine and crackers.

Savour is a boutique enterprise operating out of a small commercial kitchen, surrounded by a large organic garden in Sandringham, Auckland, New Zealand. Savour cheeses use ethically produced vegan ingredients that are organic and locally sourced where possible. Consumables used in the production and packaging of Savour cheeses are carefully selected for their low environmental impact. Parchment wrappers can be re-used in baking and are also compostable.


Each cheese starts life as a purée of nuts activated in filtered water, to which a vegan probiotic is added. It is then left to ferment until the right acidity level is reached. The mixture is then given its character with flavourings and moulded into rounds. It is then left to age in a cheese cave to mature and develop its depth of flavour.


Being a mother has developed in me a greater sense of compassion. As a parent, we all want to do the right thing to make our children’s lives happy. For me, this includes not only healthy eating but guarding their future environment as well. Eating a healthy plant based diet is not only beneficial for bodies, it is the only sustainable way we can feed the human race without mass destruction of our planet and all its inhabitants.


Don’t deprive yourself. I believe any dietary change should never make you feel as if you’re missing out. Always try to include new healthy options before removing foods you crave that aren’t so good for you. Your body develops the intuition to recognise what it needs and you start to crave what’s healthy, not what’s a habit. Probiotics are truly wonderful at awakening your body’s inner wisdom, and Savour cultured nut cheese is a delectably more-ish way to get those probiotics into your diet.